Apart from being a favorite food of many people around the world, cocoa is also very useful. It is
an integral part of Sarina products. We will focus on 5 of the biggest health benefits of cocoa
1. It has very good antioxidant properties. Many studies show that cocoa beans contain a large
amount of antioxidants. According to some scientists, the concentration is about 10 percent. For
example, cocoa beans contain 621 antioxidants, while wild blueberries contain 61 and
home-grown blueberries 32. Cocoa beans also contain three times more antioxidants than green
tea and twice as much as red wine.
2. Cocoa is a natural antidepressant Cocoa beans contain enzymes that help fight depression.
Serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine (FEA) are used by the body to promote positive
mental health and well-being. In addition, cocoa contains other enzymes that can help make the
feeling of happiness last longer.
3. Good for the heart Cocoa beans contain significant amounts of polyphenols, which are good
for the cardiovascular system. Researchers have found evidence that this element can lower
blood pressure and enhance heart health. Magnesium is another element found in cocoa beans
and is vital, including to reduce the risk of blood clots. The latter are one of the risk factors
associated with the occurrence of stroke and heart attack.
4. Increases energy Drinking a cup of hot cocoa gives the same results in increasing energy,
similar to the same amount of coffee. The difference is that cocoa beans have fewer stimulants
than coffee beans. Consumption of cocoa can also help relieve anxiety.
5. Cocoa can lead to weight loss Consumption of cocoa beans can also help reduce weight. They
help speed up fat processing.