Sarina desserts contain such useful raw almonds and hazelnuts. Let’s remember what are the
benefits of them:
1. Raw nuts are much more useful than those that have undergone heat treatment. This is
because in its raw form, the richness of unsaturated fatty acids in them is intact. When they are
processed, this level decreases sharply.
2. Unsaturated fatty acids are of great importance for the proper functioning of many processes
in the body. They protect against cardiovascular disease, maintain hormonal balance in the body
and strengthen immunity.
3. Another popular plus of raw nuts is that they support memory and enrich the brain.
4. Hazelnuts and almonds should be on your menu at least twice a week. The calm they bring to
the nerves protects against stress and reduces depression.
5. Another positive feature of raw nuts is that they contain few calories. Not only are they not
filling, but on the contrary – raw nuts are a recommended food for athletes, because they also
give the necessary energy.